Books I have read most recently

My favorite genre of books is fantasy. Right now I'm reading Crown of Midnight. It was written by Sarah J. Maas and it's the second of the eight books of the series. I have already read first book of these and I really enjoyed it. It also reminds me on the book called Ledová Krev that my best friend borrowed me one year ago. I think they are quite similar. Another good book I have to mention is Strážcovia príbehov. I read it about 3 years ago and I really enjoyed it. And also one amazing series of books are Časodejovia by Natalja Ščerba. It has 6 thick books that are really worth reading. Sometimes I also read from Wattpad. It's a platform where anybody can write their own book, so there is a lot of stories.

My favorite book

If you ask me what's the best of books I have read, I will say the book which was written by Vladimíra Šebová called Insomnia. It is about girl who has never slept, she was awake all the time. She thought that it is because of an accident that happened to her when she was younger, but then figured out that it isn't true and her insomnia was inherited. She also met some people that had the same problem. I am not going to spoil anything else, if you are interested, you can read it. I will put a link for the writer's page below.

Vladimíra Šebová's page