My hobbies

I would like to start with things that are quite common. I like to watch movies and series. I enjoy watching anything from Marvel, but my favorite movie from them is the first Avengers. I also like Harry Potter movies or some series such as Stranger Things or Greenhouse academy. I also really love listening to music. I listen to it most of the time, when I am at home as well as when I am traveling home by bus. I prefer pop music and I put one of my favorite songs here, you can find it below. I am not the kind of person who does sports all the time. However, once in a while, I do some sports. Namely skiing, swimming, roller skating, or ice skating.

I would also like to mention more creative things that I sometimes do. I've been playing the piano for 5 years. For 4 years I went to music school, but I ended last year. I also like to paint. For painting, I prefer acrylic paints. It's better to work with them than with tempera paints because as soon as I finish one layer and it dries, I can't destroy it when I'm trying to paint another layer. And as soon as I mentioned painting, I need to say that I also like to draw. My favorite brand for pencils is Koh-i-nor. The specific crayons I use are Koh-i-nor hardtmuth. One nice idea which I found and use often is about how to sketch an outline if you are inspirating from some picture from internet. It's about that you open the picture on your computer or mobile phone and lay the baking paper on it. Then you copy the outline with your pencil. Once you have finished, you should turn the baking paper and put it on the paper where you are going to draw. It's very useful when you are going to draw some hard picture. In addition, I like sewing things. Such as scrunchies, masks, key chains. I sometimes upcycle some things. That means that I use fabrics from some clothes that aren't used anymore and I "give this fabrics new life". I mainly make scrunchies this way. For other kinds of things, such as masks, I use new fabrics. If I'm sewing key chains, I make them from felt. I also knitted a few bracelets from cotton threads. I followed instructions from a thin book that my friend gave me for my birthday.

creative activities other activities
activity materials activity favorite...
painting acrylic colors watching movies & series Marvel movies
drawing koh-i-noor hardtmuth crayons listening to music pop music
sewing old/new fabric, felt reading books Insomnia
knitting bracelets cotton threads

Some things I sewn